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From the quarry to the finished product, KDAS helps you realize safety, efficiency and reliability across all applications by appropriately applying medium voltage (>1.0kV) motors, variable frequency drives, and integration of motor control centers, switchgear products, and automation systems upon your request. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are common to cement installations. Used to smoothly start large motors and continuously adjust the rotational speed, VFDs increase the life of mechanical systems, while drastically reducing maintenance and operating costs. Induction and synchronous motors driving crushers, belt conveyors, vertical and ball mills, rotary kilns, and ID fans use VFDs to provide high power, speed control, and low-loss flow control while optimizing the power system. KDAS general purpose motors are designed for the fine dust and rugged environment of a cement installation thereby reducing the event of motor failure. KDAS supplies solutions to the cement industry that provide the foundation for production savings.